I haven't blogged in a while but having attend the CILIP Conference in Belfast I agreed at a workshop to blog again.
Having completed the Rudia 23 course it opened my eyes to a lot of resources which I have used in the Library. Quik and Photofunia I have used to create tweets.  I got involved in the Social Media Group looking at ways of promoting the Library and it's resources.
I enjoy using twitter and taking part in Tweet Chats.  It is a great way to share ideas and see what other people are doing in a similar working environment.
Although not a member of CILIP , as I have no Library Qualification,  I have 15 years experience as a Library Assistant, I decided to attend the CILIP Conference as a non member.  It was a very interesting day hearing about the work of CILIP and taking part in the Super Hero workshop.  As a result of attending the conference I am now thinking about doing a Library Qualification, not for progression of my career, as I am happy as a Library Assistant…

Thing 22 Engaged Professional - Reflective Practice

Thing 22 Engaged Professional Reflective Practice Thing 19 in this section was looking at Podcasts I didn’t feel confident enough to create my own Podcast but decided to listen to Podcasts by Librarians with Lives with Jenny Foster and Librarians Aloud with Andy Tattersall and Jan Holmquist. I enjoyed listening to Jenny talk about her career to date in Libraries.It was easy to listen to and it was good to hear about her experiences. I also enjoyed listening to Librarians Aloud which came from a conference and it was interesting to hear different perspectives on issues Libraries are engaging in. I think it would be useful to download some Podcasts and listen to them as I travel or even go out for a walk.I look forward to listening to other Podcasts and will definitely listen to others with a Library theme as you can gain valuable insights.Eventually I would like to create my own Podcast. Thing 2O was about Library Advocacy it was quite long section but it got me thinking about Advocacy an…

Thing 21 Professional Groups

Thing 21 Professional Groups I hadn’t given Professional Groups much thought, I had heard the name CILIP but didn’t know much about it. I then began to think if there were any Professional Groups I could join. I started working in the Library as a Library Assistant 15 years ago (that sounds like a long time ago).When I got the position, the requirements for me included a degree and I had a Degree in Textile and Fashion Design.In my previous position as a Textile Designer in the Linen Industry I looked after a collection of designs from when the company was founded over 100 years ago.These were all catalogued and filed so that any design could be retrieved. I was unsure if any of the Professional Associations would allow me membership without a Library Qualification.In doing this course I thought I would look into membership of a Library Association as part of Thing 21. I can also join CILIP at entry level and the Library Association of Ireland. I am planning to join the Library Assoc…

Thing 20 Advocacy and Engagement

Thing 20 Advocacy and Engagement Exercise 1: Name three detrimental effects to a local community when a public library is closed. A: There would be no free access to information and books, no place were all sections of the community would be welcome, our children and young people might not have access to computers and printing after school to enable them to do their homework’s. Exercise 2: Find a Library Strategic Plan in Ireland or beyond for a library of any size.  Identify three ways in which the strategic plan also advocates for the Library Service. A: I looked at Libraries NI Corporate Plan 2016-2020, one of its corporate goals is looking at contributing to social and community wellbeing. The Plan is looking at a Library as a community hub, which is free, inclusive, shared, accessible and trusted space where all ages, cultures and backgrounds are welcome. To enable a wide variety of learning, information and social resources to make a difference to quality of life. This reflects the …

Thing 19 Podcasts

Thing 19 - Podcasts I listened to the Podcast Librarian with, Jenny Foster was being interviewed.I enjoyed listening as Jenny came from an art background and I was a Textile Designer before I became a Library Assistant.It was interesting listening about the various Libraries amongst them where Jenny had worked and hearing about her career development.Jenny’s latest position sounds very exciting as she embarks on creating a Library in an innovative environment. I then decided to listen to a Podcast from Librarian’s Aloud to experience a different style of Podcast. Laura was talking to Andy Tattersall and Jan Holmquist at the Internet Librarian International Conference in London. The interview with Andy explained how he got into the Library Profession and then did a MSc in Information Management.His previous career as a Journalist he has found useful for communication. Andy talked about not over complicating the projects that we are involved in and he also talked about Open Access and t…

Thing 18 Critical Thinker

Thing 18 Critical Thinker
This section I have taken at a slower pace as there was quite a lot to think about and I didn’t want to rush it. Personal Information Management wasn’t something that I had thought about but it made sense to organize the information in a way that you can retrieve it when necessary.Looking at different tools that are available, I thought about the ease of use for myself and how it could benefit me with my information management. I use “One Note” at work which I find easy to use and locate information. Although I didn’t have access to “Evernote” at work, I checked it out at home and found it to be quite similar in ways to “One Note”. I already used “Feedly” which I think is a useful tool to narrowing down articles one topic that interests you.The only down side I find is actually getting the time to look at the articles.It is maybe something I just need to schedule into my working routine. I did like “Pocket” for putting in articles into as you come across them …

Thing 17 Sharing Your Work

Thing17 Sharing Your Work
My position as part-time Library Assistant, I hadn’t considered writing and sharing work.I decided to create a PowerPoint presentation on Information about the Library.Occasionally I am asked to speak to a group of students about the Library. A PowerPoint presentation would be useful for such events. I looked at what information I wanted to give the students and promote the Library resources and facilities. I wanted to give an overview of the Library and how it can benefit the user and if they require help we are there to guide them to the information they require. I uploaded the PowerPoint presentation to Slide Share, which I found easy to use and copy the code to embed to my blog.

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