Thing 22 Engaged Professional - Reflective Practice

Thing 22 Engaged Professional Reflective Practice
Thing 19 in this section was looking at Podcasts I didn’t feel confident enough to create my own Podcast but decided to listen to  Podcasts by Librarians with Lives with Jenny Foster and Librarians Aloud with Andy Tattersall and Jan Holmquist.
I enjoyed listening to Jenny talk about her career to date in Libraries.  It was easy to listen to and it was good to hear about her experiences. I also enjoyed listening to Librarians Aloud which came from a conference and it was interesting to hear different perspectives on issues Libraries are engaging in.
 I think it would be useful to download some Podcasts and listen to them as I travel or even go out for a walk.  I look forward to listening to other Podcasts and will definitely listen to others with a Library theme as you can gain valuable insights.  Eventually I would like to create my own Podcast.
Thing 2O was about Library Advocacy it was quite long section but it got me thinking about Advocacy and I enjoyed doing the questions. There are quite a lot of elements to Library Advocacy, such as the value of Libraries within a community setting. Having a service that is inclusive for all to use but being able to back up with worth of the Library with the impact the Library has on its user’s lives.
Networking with others to help improve the service which is required, listening to others outside the service can give a different perspective.  Creating Library campaigns to raise awareness is also important and may encourage people who do not use the Library to visit and see what services maybe relevant to them. We also need to look at new areas within technology and upskill our Librarians as the service continually evolves to meet our user’s needs. The final section was creating a Frontline Advocacy Plan which I enjoyed doing and pulling all the elements together.  It is something that needs careful thought and being reflective on what has been done in the past and how we can improve upon it.
Thing 21 looked at Professional Groups I hadn’t looked at, probably as I didn’t see how relevant they are.  It was when I looked into the association websites and seen all the events which are very beneficial for networking and gaining knowledge and sharing ideas.  I can see their role as advocates for the Profession and how they promote the Library profile at different levels wither it be lobbying for government funding or the relevance of the Profession for running Libraries. I will be planning on joining a Professional Group.
In reflection this has been an interesting badge with much to think about and consider for the future.

As I come to the end of 23 Things I have much to reflect upon and put into action for the future.  It has been a great experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  It has been good for me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, which have broadened my experience and hopefully what I have learned I can pass on to others.  I have gained so much and would highly recommend the course to others. It was been a great journey of learning.
Thank you to all at  Rudai 23 for all their work, time and commitment to the course.  A special thank you to Michelle Breen, my mentor, for all her help and support during the course.


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